Optiledge - Valorpal Systèmes

Resistant :

  • Can support a load more important than 3 tons


Adjustable :

  • Different lenghts are available : 991m/m - 760m/m
  • Different heights are available : 95m/m- 85m/m- 45m/m 



Polyvalent :

  • Usable with every kind of pallets and carrying trolleys
  • Rationalization of the lorries' and containers' load
  • Reuse in tracks and turnings between the différents factories and purchaser


Can be automated:

  • Different systems allow to automate it at the end of the production



  • The weight and space gain brings important transportation economies and thus allows to use less diesel and avoids more pollution


Save in transportation by reducing your pallet's weight and the volume :

  • Optilège's weight : 450 grams or almost 1kg  whereas a pallet's weight reach 13kg
  • Can be pilled up, 10 to 12 000 optilèges by lorry whereas we can put only 6000 to 8000 wood pallets in a lorry
  • Weight and volume saving
  • Save in exportation


Ergonomic and hygienic :

  • Light to handle
  • Made in polypropylene 100% recyclable
  • Insensitive to mould and contamination
  • No need of ISPM15 treatment
  • Enhancement of work safety during handling

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