Transfert sheets

Transfert Sheet - Valorpal Systèmes

Transfer sheets for handling

without pallets.


It replaces pallets.


Benefits :


  • Reduce material, transportation, labour, repairs, storage and availability costs.
  • Eco-aware, without wood, hygienic and 100% recyclable.
  • Compatible with standard forklift trolley equiped with Push-Pull accessory, roll-fork and modern conveyance systems.
  • Perfect for national and international dispatch.


Say goodbye to :


  • Expensive pallets
  • Treated pallets
  • Pallets returns and exchanges
  • Pallets repairs and loss
  • Dangerous nails and splinters
  • Non hygienic pallets
  • Administrative and check costs for goods exchanges.


In order to use the Transfer Sheets, you have to buy a special accessory for the sender but also for the recipient company (adjustable on every kind of forks).

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